So close I Can Almost Touch It! 


​I had some work done in theatre on my left eye to get it in better shape for the cornea transplant coming up.

Because I have a lot of deep blood vessels growing into the middle of the cornea from the inflammation of scleritis my doctor has had to try and get rid of them because leaving them would give a graft a very high rejection rate. The procedure I was having was to cauterise the blood vessels. 

I had sedation and a nerve block for the procedure, I remember two things, the first one being that the first cut he made hurt, I let him know and he adjusted the pain med and then right at the end I remembering him saying that he was going to put a bandage lens in.  The whole procedure went past in a blur and the next thing I knew I was in recovery.  My doctor looks extremely cute in his operating scrubs; I sure hope I didn’t tell him that in my medication induced haze LOL

I was home by lunch time and spent the afternoon sleeping. Once the meds had worn off it was really quite painful. I had a horrible gritty feeling like something was in my eye and was really irritating it.

I had a follow up appointment in the clinic two days later and he was happy with how it has gone but he couldn’t really give me an outcome yet because it has only just started to heal. I was kind of disappointed that he didn’t book my graft in; I was so excited that this final step was done and we could move on.  Anyway I have to see him again in 2 weeks and in the meantime I am using 2 drops, a steroid and an antibiotic 4 times a day.  There could be some more scarring to come on this poor old battered cornea as he made 9 holes in the cornea to cauterise the vessels.

Monday I am seeing my Rheumatologist who will hopefully give the go ahead to continue with the Infliximab infusions which are working really well.  Guess a lot depends on my blood tests etc but at this stage I would be gutted if they stopped it as I am doing so well and have adjusted to the side effects, and I really feel that if they stop this med the scleritis will come back.  Sometimes I feel it in the background but it doesn’t amount to anything because of the Infliximab.

Well that’s about all the news for now, more to come in 2 weeks with hopefully a booking for a graft!


My First Surgery Got Approved!


I am totally over excited. Every time I see my eye doctor I ask “can I have have my tansplant yet” he always says no, we need to get the scleritis under control first.  I asked him yesterday and he said yes!  OMG I just couldn’t believe that finally I am going to get my cornea transplant!  He actually did the paperwork to give to the admissions officer so I know it’s going to happen.

I had my first Infliximab infustion last week and within about 24 hours I noticed an improvement, my eye is still a little bit red but nothing like it has been and I have zero pain which is just incredible.  I have my second infusion next week.  It is just fantastic not to wake up every day in severe pain.

I have a small surgery to do before the graft. Because I have some big deep blood vessels in the cornea he is going to take me into theatre and under a nerve block he is going to cauterise the blood vessels with a needle and laser.  This procedure has some risks as it can alter the cornea making the transplant difficult. It’s a very delicate procedure that has the potential to go wrong if he is not very careful. We need to get it done though as my graft has a much higher risk of rejecting if I have the blood vessels.

I have to wait maybe 8 weeks or so as he has to fit me in to his theatre list but I don’t mind I am just happy that finally my eyes are in a position that we can do the first graft.

A very very good day!

Why Don’t You Just Wear Glasses? – Keratoconus

As a person with advanced Keratoconus and has REALLY bad vision it irritates me no end when people tell me I should just be wearing glasses as though I am vain or something.

Get this, one time an Opthalmologist told me I should wear glasses … seriously!

I would LOVE to be able to wear a trendy pair of glasses but unfortunately my vision is so bad and distorted glasses do nothing.  I really don’t put these horrible big lenses in my eyes every day and endure pain and discomfort for vanity. It is a necessity. Without my scleral lenses my vision at last check was around 20/450 (when I asked my optometrist the question).  I reckon its worse than that now I am at “counting fingers” when I get my checks now.  Legal blindness is 20/200 so yeah i’m very blind.  Glasses are not going to fix that!

Anyway, I found some pictures on line of KC vision, thought it would be fun to post so you guys can see similar to how I see.blurry-vision

This is what night time looks like with lights.

images (1)

Sometimes headlights look like this but are often worse.


I get a very distorted version of this, much more than double vision, more like quadruple vision.

images (2)

As you can see from the photos my vision is extremely distorted and not good at all.

I’m counting down to my 1st corneal transplant in my left eye, I cannot wait I am so excited!   Even though it will be a high risk graft I’m not nervous, just really excited to maybe get some sort of good vision after a lifetime of this.