Why Don’t You Just Wear Glasses? – Keratoconus

As a person with advanced Keratoconus and has REALLY bad vision it irritates me no end when people tell me I should just be wearing glasses as though I am vain or something.

Get this, one time an Opthalmologist told me I should wear glasses … seriously!

I would LOVE to be able to wear a trendy pair of glasses but unfortunately my vision is so bad and distorted glasses do nothing.  I really don’t put these horrible big lenses in my eyes every day and endure pain and discomfort for vanity. It is a necessity. Without my scleral lenses my vision at last check was around 20/450 (when I asked my optometrist the question).  I reckon its worse than that now I am at “counting fingers” when I get my checks now.  Legal blindness is 20/200 so yeah i’m very blind.  Glasses are not going to fix that!

Anyway, I found some pictures on line of KC vision, thought it would be fun to post so you guys can see similar to how I see.blurry-vision

This is what night time looks like with lights.

images (1)

Sometimes headlights look like this but are often worse.


I get a very distorted version of this, much more than double vision, more like quadruple vision.

images (2)

As you can see from the photos my vision is extremely distorted and not good at all.

I’m counting down to my 1st corneal transplant in my left eye, I cannot wait I am so excited!   Even though it will be a high risk graft I’m not nervous, just really excited to maybe get some sort of good vision after a lifetime of this.