About Me


My name is Dawn and I live in Sunny Queensland Australia.  I have two eye diseases Keratoconus and Scleritis.

I have had Keratoconus (KC) for over 30 years and wear scleral contact lenses but the time has come that I need a double corneal transplant.

The scleritis has complicated matters because I have extremely inflamed and painful eyes, in particular the right one.  As a result of the inflammation I have severe corneal neovascularisation which means I have blood vessels growing into my corneas which will make transplant surgery risky with an increased chance of graft rejection.

We are trying everything to try and get the scleritis under control but it is proving really stubborn.  I have failed a lot of treatments and the next in line is either Humira or Infliximab.  Am waiting on confirmation from my doctor as to which way we will go.

I can’t have the graft surgery until the scleritis is under control and I will also need to have the blood vessels zapped with a laser before surgery so I have a bit of a way to go until I can get my new corneas.

I pretty much have no vision at all in the left eye partly because of the KC but mostly because of the blood vessels that are growing deep into the cornea.  I can’t wait until I get the go ahead for surgery!

This blog will chronicle my journey as I prepare and then eventually have my surgery and then recovery.

Hope you will follow my journey, and hopefully this blog can also help you in your journey.

Take care

Dawn x