My First Surgery Got Approved!


I am totally over excited. Every time I see my eye doctor I ask “can I have have my tansplant yet” he always says no, we need to get the scleritis under control first.  I asked him yesterday and he said yes!  OMG I just couldn’t believe that finally I am going to get my cornea transplant!  He actually did the paperwork to give to the admissions officer so I know it’s going to happen.

I had my first Infliximab infustion last week and within about 24 hours I noticed an improvement, my eye is still a little bit red but nothing like it has been and I have zero pain which is just incredible.  I have my second infusion next week.  It is just fantastic not to wake up every day in severe pain.

I have a small surgery to do before the graft. Because I have some big deep blood vessels in the cornea he is going to take me into theatre and under a nerve block he is going to cauterise the blood vessels with a needle and laser.  This procedure has some risks as it can alter the cornea making the transplant difficult. It’s a very delicate procedure that has the potential to go wrong if he is not very careful. We need to get it done though as my graft has a much higher risk of rejecting if I have the blood vessels.

I have to wait maybe 8 weeks or so as he has to fit me in to his theatre list but I don’t mind I am just happy that finally my eyes are in a position that we can do the first graft.

A very very good day!


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